Cycling and Traveling

It’s nearly summer in Washington, DC. This view led the photographer to stop on their bike ride over the Potomac for this snapshot. Across the United States bicycling is increasingly becoming popular as a recreational activity and fun way to get around. More and more bike paths are being developed in cities and in National Parks, including in Grand Canyon National Park. Walking and biking are great ways to get around – it's eco-friendly and you’re free to stop any time to enjoy the view. In Washington, a bike ride can take someone through so many views: the White House, the National Mall, the forests in Rock Creek Park – it's hard to list them all. The experience of cycling around a new place is even more exciting as you head to new destinations across the United states and across the world.

Where will you pedal through next?

Potomac River

The Washington Monument, along with the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, overlook the Potomac River.

Potomac River

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