At Big Sur, a road trip is more than just a drive

Cruising along the edges of the rolling coastal mountains along the central California coast, one can easily feel like they are in a film. In these moments, it’s best to open the windows and enjoy the air. And with the multitude of scenic stopping points, it’s crucial that the views are enjoyed not just from a car, but at a peaceful overlook. Unfortunately, much of the beautiful vista points are inaccessible, as they are on private land. But be sure to stop along the Highway 1 when your consciousness tells you it wants to – trust your mind; your body needs this coastal wellness!

Big Sur is a section in along the Central California coast.

Big Sur, CA

The stunningly blue waters of Big Sur along the Highway 1 in California leads travelers to stop along the road.

Big Sur, CA

The blue water is a product of the seashore geology.

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